Café Marita Vermelho

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The Marita red Coffee (100g.) Is a soluble coffee Blend, Extract of Mate herb, Extract of Lycopene (Antioxidant) and Extract of Cocoa (Cocoactiv);

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LICOPENE is a powerful antioxidant capable of protecting the cells of our body against the harmful effects of excess free radicals, reducing the risk of chronic diseases (Cancer). Its antioxidant power is twice as high as beta carotene, so it is a powerful and effective detoxifier.
COCOACTIV (Cocoa) is an extract of cacao with high index of Flovonoids; help to maintain vasodilation dependent on the Endothelial, which contributes to normal blood flow.  
Do not change your habit, just change your brand. Take Marita Coffee for a healthier life.



1. Does it contain gluten? Gluten-free.
2. Contains lactose? Does not contain lactose.
3. Is it an organic product? No, it's a natural product.
4. How many times a day can it be consumed? As hot or cold drink, 3 times a day.
5. Does coffee have any restrictions or contraindications? No. Only with people with coffee restrictions.
6. Children from what age can you consume? From 5 years, but the recommendation is above 12.
7. Can seniors consume? Yes, they can consume.
8. Can hypertensive people consume? Yes, but the doctor should be consulted.
9. Can pregnant / nursing mothers consume? Yes, but the doctor should be consulted.
10. What is the correct way to prepare? Method: 1 tsp shallow (or the measure of our measuring spoon), dissolved in 250 ml of water or milk.
11. How many doses can a can? Render approximately 23 doses.
12. Can it be consumed with milk? Yes you can.
13. Are you registered with Anvisa? Yes, with registration number 6.3151.0004.001-2. The red COFFEE is framed in the code: 4045 Food Registry with Claims of Functional and / or Health Property - NATIONAL.
14. What is the shelf life of the product? Term 18 months and after open consume in 30 days.
15. Can diabetics consume? You can consume with Marita Stévia sweetener ..
16. Can I have coffee at night? It's a coffee, if you already had coffee at night, you can have it.
17. Can it be eaten cold? You can. To be consumed cold, use cold water instead of room temperature.
18. Can the dispensing spoon be stored in the coffee carton? Yes, because the plastic approved by Anvisa.



1 tsp shallow, or use the Marita meter, for every 250 ml of water.
Savor 02 (two) times a day, consume with water and sweetener Marita Stevia. Consumers accustomed to more daily doses, can consume without contraindication. The use of milk / powdered milk, sugars and various sweeteners does not affect the functional potential of Café Marita Vermelho.
Do not change your habit, just change your brand. Take Marita Coffee for a healthier life.


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