• Marita Life com Ômega 3 + Vitaminas A e D + Fibras

Marita Life com Ômega 3 + Vitaminas A e D + Fibras

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Marita Life with Omega 3 + Vitamins A and D + Fibers

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The Marita Life Mediterranean Bullet is a source of: Fibers + Omega 3 + Vitamin A + Vitamin D + Vitamin E. Marita Life is a unique formula product developed based on the Mediterranean Diet that is rich in Nutrients, Food Fibers, Antioxidants, Vitamins and anti-inflammatories.


1. What vitamins does it contain? Vitamins A, D, E.

2. Is it normal for bullets to "stick"? Normal, because it is pectin. But if stored in a cool dry place do this.

3. How many bullets comes in the pot? 360 grams, approximately 70 units.

4. What is the difference between the bullet of the pot and the box? The bullet of the pot was increased the percentage of vitamins to 25% each and the package got bigger with 360 grams.

5. What is the validity period? Term of 1 year.

6. Children from what age can they consume? From 6 years old.

7. Can seniors consume? Yes they can.

8. Is there any restriction or contraindication? It is not indicated for people with lactose intolerance, allergic to fish and crustaceans. It has no gluten.

9. How many times a day can it be consumed? The daily portion is at least 4 units.

10. How many bullets can I consume per day? The daily portion is at least 4 units.

11. Are you registered by Anvisa? Product exempted from registration with Anvisa.

12. Can diabetics consume? Consumption for diabetics is not advisable because it contains organic sugar in the formulation.


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7 Generation $ 18,06
8 Generation $ 18,06
  • per: Agnes de Souza Asarias
    Date: 12/11/2017
    Your Product Review: Excellent 5 estrela(s)

    Promova a sua saúde e qualidade de vida com esse produto versátil e discreto ,Marita Life!

  • per: Mara Aparecida Gouvea De Andrade Silva
    Date: 16/05/2018
    Your Product Review: Excellent 5 estrela(s)


  • per: Nardelli Luciano De Aguiar
    Date: 31/05/2018
    Your Product Review: Excellent 5 estrela(s)

    ótimo sabor e textura.